21 August 2009

So What's This All About?

Hello and welcome to Your Blog Is Awesome! This is a little space I've created to highlight some fabulous blogs that are flying under the radar.
Think of this as a pyramid scheme except without the offshore banking and profit margins. Essentially what I'm doing is scouring the blogosphere for interesting, fun, amusing or just plain awesome blogs that don't appear to have a lot of activity. Once I find the blog I watch for a while to make sure that it is updated regularly and then I politely inquire if it is okay to feature the blog here.
Why do I ask? Because it's polite. Some people may not want a bunch of strangers reading their blogs. Others might be wildly popular, but disallow comments as a precaution against spam or anonymous spite.
I will gladly accept submissions from anyone who wishes to give them as well. There are a couple of rules though:
No mean spirited blogs. Snark is fine, humorous observations are recommended, just try not to piss anyone off ok? :)
No explicit blogs, sexually or otherwise offending. I'm not a prude, but I do wish to uphold the delicate sensibilities of the blog reading public.
No sales pitches, unless your selling a book or quirky t shirt or the like in addition to blogging.

So let fly with the prose, amusing anecdotes and emotion filled heart wrenching stories!
I'll star, of course, selfishly, and direct your attention to my silly little blog called Crève!
It features silly photos, my pets and travel tales and advice.
More to come soon!

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