31 August 2009

And You Thought My Blog Was Cheesy!

I love cheese, doesn't everyone?
I don't like to spend more than $10 on a shirt, but I will gladly drop twenty for some really good cheese. It's all about having your priorities in order.
Cheese Dreaming is a blog about one woman's heroic struggles with humanity...

Okay, it's not, it's about cheese, glorious cheese, from the perspective of a cheese connoisseur. If you've ever found yourself standing in front of a dizzying display of gourmet and artisan cheeses, baffled and feeling less than cultured (punny!) and slightly inept, this is the go to blog for you.


30 August 2009

I Like To See Smiling Faces

I just found this adorable, yet somewhat hard to navigate blog. I did not ask permission to post this link, but each post has the option to link to it. Also, I doubt this blog needs the "help" that I am trying to give to bloggers, but it's adorable and I love fun photography.


29 August 2009

Because Wikipedia Is A Whole Lot Cheaper Than Brittanica

Isn't the internet great? I'm amazed that in this age of total information sharing that there are still people who get the questions wrong on Jeopardy.
Things I've Learned from Wikipedia relieves us of the need to go find our own random factoids by doing the research for us and posting a synopsis with colorful commentary to boot.
This blog was actually the one that inspired me to create this blog, but when the author hadn't posted anything for a month I was worried that it was over.
A quick warning: Some of the wiki entries are not safe for work and include language or disturbing themes. If you are easily offended or have a weak stomach you might want to skip past current post about GG Allin. But don't be discouraged, there is a lot of fabulous insight to be discovered!


28 August 2009


Sometimes using a laptop annoys me. I have a tendency to hit buttons I didn't mean to hit, or my hand brushes the mouse pad and I'm clicking something I didn't mean to click.
Apparently I must have done this when I was setting the comment moderation because I had disabled comments. My apologies if anyone was trying to leave one.
I'll be back to awesome blogs tomorrow.

27 August 2009

Voices From The Bayou

Anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes in my presence knows that my favorite place in the entire world is New Orleans, any time of the year outside of Mardi Gras.
Imagine my surprise when I happen across a blogger from the area who not only writes about the every day happenings in Louisiana, but is also quite humorous as well!
Bill's Bayou is packed with stories, pictures of odd license plates, random thoughts.
Have a look:


26 August 2009

Help Me Spread The Word Of Awesome

Hey there folks!
I think I have a pretty good thing going here and I'd love to it flourish and prosper, which means your blogs will flourish and prosper along with it!
So here's what you need to do: Send me some awesome blogs! Nominate your friend's, your mom's or your own blog.
Me, I'll keep clicking the "next blog" link. I also find the best bloggers tend to leave the wittiest comments on some of the more popular blogs, but recently one of these popular blogs left Blogspot for greener pastures so finding the source of awesome isn't as easy as clicking a linked name.
So in the immortal words of Jerry Maguire, "Help me, help you."*
Can you say no to this face?

*I'd run with "Show me the moneeeeeey!" but I run a no-ad blog here.

Because kthxbai Is Not The Same As A Thank You Card

People are becoming more rude, or at the very least insensitive. Perhaps the internet is to blame for our casual disregard for common courtesy, or perhaps each generation's general air of superiority over the last causes them to think such words as please and thank you are antiquated.
In any event, it bothers me, and I am not alone.
Etiquette Bitch is the modern day Ms. Manners, offering advice and protocol for all types of situations from simple thank yous to sneezing.
As a balance, she also points out examples of polite behavior that she has witnessed.
Please read, and perhaps even take some notes:


25 August 2009

Okay I'm Cheating Here

The following offering deviates from my normal routine in that:
a.) It's not underserved
b.) I did not seek permission to link

Considering I heard about this blog on a popular site, it already has recognition, but Craft Fail differs from other "fail" sites in one major way. All of the fails are submitted by the crafter themselves. Posts are not regular yet, as it seems people are shy about letting the world laugh at their valiant attempts, but it's picking up.
Considering the season is almost upon us where I attempt to add a little extra handmade love to my standard issue gift cards, I'll likely be submitting a few failures of myself :)


What's In Your Pantry?

I have a confession to make. I am not educated. Yes, I did go to college briefly, but circumstances prevented me from obtaining a very expensive slip of paper that validates my intelligence therefore I am uneducated. Because of this, I tend to cringe a bit when I read "intellectual" blogs that spew venom against the uneducated masses and toss just as many f-bombs around as SAT words.
Ms. Glory von Hathor is indeed intelligent and likely she is educated to the point of having many of those little expensive slips of paper. But you will find no venom here.
Self aware and intelligent with a subtle touch of humor, Ghosts In The Pantry should make you smile:

24 August 2009

If The Words Frack, Frag and Frell Mean Anything To You...

Fanboy Wife is a humorous self help guide for women who fell in love with men, but married boys. Boys who own boxes of comic books. Boys who collect dolls-err-action figures. Boys who will defend Star Wars to Trekkies, or Star Trek to Star Wars fans (Warsies?).
Today's awesome blog holds a special place in my heart. Not because I am married to a fanboy. For me it's the other way around, my poor husband married a fangirl. No, I do not have the ubiquitous white cardboard storage boxes filled with comics, but I'm not going to lie, Syfy (I HATE the new moniker!) is on in the background as I write this and yes, it is Star Trek TNG Monday. I'm more of a video game fangirl and I do admit to pre-ordering all things Castlevania and holing myself up for several days when the game comes in.
And before you ask, yes, I am a woman and yes, I'm really too old to be playing games.
So check out the link, you may learn something!


22 August 2009

A Very Good Boy

It's Better Than Talking to the Dog started out as a blog chronicling the life of an unemployed woman looking for a job. The premise was that being home all day, she found herself talking to the dog more often. She has found a job, but continues to post stories about Gonzo, the shelter pup she rescued from death row. These stories are funny and entertaining, and any dog owner would totally identify with many of them.
The best part: Every post ends with "Good boy Gonzo."


21 August 2009

A Man, A Monkey With a Typewriter and Many Cats

The first installment of YBIA! comes from a longtime friend and early Blogspot adopter, Milo.
This blog has years of archives to peruse. What's it about?
Well from the first few pages, I admit to not having time to read all of it yet, it appears to have a little of everything. Heavy with photos of everything from Milo's adorable cats to what he ate, insight into life in an economically defunct Upstate NY town and the aftermath of it's 2006 flood, music, movie and other reviews, and a healthy dose of sarcastic wit. There is also a comic strip about a monkey at a typewriter.
A quick warning: Profanity is used.


So What's This All About?

Hello and welcome to Your Blog Is Awesome! This is a little space I've created to highlight some fabulous blogs that are flying under the radar.
Think of this as a pyramid scheme except without the offshore banking and profit margins. Essentially what I'm doing is scouring the blogosphere for interesting, fun, amusing or just plain awesome blogs that don't appear to have a lot of activity. Once I find the blog I watch for a while to make sure that it is updated regularly and then I politely inquire if it is okay to feature the blog here.
Why do I ask? Because it's polite. Some people may not want a bunch of strangers reading their blogs. Others might be wildly popular, but disallow comments as a precaution against spam or anonymous spite.
I will gladly accept submissions from anyone who wishes to give them as well. There are a couple of rules though:
No mean spirited blogs. Snark is fine, humorous observations are recommended, just try not to piss anyone off ok? :)
No explicit blogs, sexually or otherwise offending. I'm not a prude, but I do wish to uphold the delicate sensibilities of the blog reading public.
No sales pitches, unless your selling a book or quirky t shirt or the like in addition to blogging.

So let fly with the prose, amusing anecdotes and emotion filled heart wrenching stories!
I'll star, of course, selfishly, and direct your attention to my silly little blog called Crève!
It features silly photos, my pets and travel tales and advice.
More to come soon!