26 August 2009

Help Me Spread The Word Of Awesome

Hey there folks!
I think I have a pretty good thing going here and I'd love to it flourish and prosper, which means your blogs will flourish and prosper along with it!
So here's what you need to do: Send me some awesome blogs! Nominate your friend's, your mom's or your own blog.
Me, I'll keep clicking the "next blog" link. I also find the best bloggers tend to leave the wittiest comments on some of the more popular blogs, but recently one of these popular blogs left Blogspot for greener pastures so finding the source of awesome isn't as easy as clicking a linked name.
So in the immortal words of Jerry Maguire, "Help me, help you."*
Can you say no to this face?

*I'd run with "Show me the moneeeeeey!" but I run a no-ad blog here.