23 March 2010

Officially Closed

Hey folks,
After great debate, I've decided that I no longer have time to update this blog. I'm sad to see it go. I think the idea is sound and I encourage others to try to spread the love. I've added a page to my main blog: creveblog.blogspot.com that will house every blog listed here. As I find new and interesting blogs I will add them over there.
Thank you for reading!

12 January 2010

Potentially Gone, But Still Awesome


One of my many "next blog" finds, sadly this one hasn't updated since November, but it's still worth a read, if for nothing more than a better understanding of ramen. Yes, ramen, you know, that 15 cent pack of noodles that sustained you through college. It's amazing to see a completely different take from another culture.
And of course there is so much more, so please give it a look. And if you like, and if enough of us pester, perhaps we can get her to post again.

11 January 2010

Grand Re-opening!

With the holidays finally over and the subzero weather finally moving on, it is time to once again open the doors here at Your Blog Is Awesome!

I've been working the "Next Blog" button like crazy over the last week and it looks like January is going to have a running theme of food related blogs. I'll begin listing these this evening. I'm still on the lookout of a comprehensive guide to using herbs and spices so if anyone has a suggestion please let me know.
In the mean time here is a food blog from the archives that continues to be a source of expert knowledge on all things cheese. I can not even begin to express how grateful I am to blogger deemack for the wonderful taste experiences that I've discovered via her blog:

And for a daily dose of nostalgia and brain candy be sure to check out Pop Culture Junk Mail:

As always, if you have any suggestions please send them to me!

03 November 2009

Closed For The Season

Hey folks,
Due to the fact that I am stupidly busy right now, this blog is on hiatus until after the holidays. Of course, if anyone has a submission I will gladly put it up! Also, if anyone is interested in joining my awesome blog team let me know. I'd love to keep this going!

05 October 2009

More Visual Art Candy !

Spread Design Love. Not just the name of the blog, but what it does. It's The Ant has collected a blog full of visually stimulating pictures, architecture, and so much more.
Go on, feel the design love for yourself:


30 September 2009

Sometimes An Awesome Blog Takes A Serious Tone

Yet another blog from the comments section, please keep them coming!

Mom, Me and Alzheimer's is the everyday life of a woman who is caring for her mother who has Alzheimer's Disease.
My grandmother had this illness as well and it took it's toll, not only on her, but on my mother and her siblings as well. This blogger's story is in many ways similar to my own mother's.
Mom, if you are reading, I recommend this blog to you:


We're Really On To Something Here!

Friends, The Interweb Chain Of Happiness! is in full force! I'm getting recommendations from the folks whose blogs have been featured here, and now we're even getting recommendations in the comments!
Lydia, whose photography blog I featured a while back and who is the creator of the term Interweb Chain of Happiness!, has recommended the following blog:
Which is a fabulous blog full of design ideas, product inspiration and, how awesome is this: painting tips! (okay, so it's awesome to me, the home improvement girl).

Also, check out Lydia's other blog, which just happens to have a Your Blog Is Awesome! plug:


24 September 2009

New Orleans and Art

If you don't know by now that New Orleans is the greatest place on the planet then I have not been persuasive enough in my arguments. So I offer you this fantastic blog, another recommendation, in fact.
Slimbolala is a blog with a little of everything, illustrations, art, photography, life stories, amusing parenting anecdotes and generally good storytelling. Did I mention that the blogger is in New Orleans and posts about this fact occasionally? I might have.
Check it out and keep reading, this blog has archives back to 2005!


20 September 2009

Wall-E The World Traveler

I had planned to bring a photo of my dog, Penny, to Europe and photograph the photo at all of the tourist sites while there. Sadly, I did not have time to print out a suitable photo before going so this did not happen.
I've done something similar before with various objects, and friends of mine have done this too. I'm sure many of you have as well, but have you blogged about it?
Rebecca is a blogger whose very cool (and very hard, I know) job allows her to travel about and see many interesting places and things. She also has a traveling companion whom she takes almost daily photos of in these various locations. Her traveling companion is Wall-E, the lovable robot!
Very good photography too!


17 September 2009

The Second Recommendation!

More animals! Cats this time. Adorable, yet slightly insane cats! Stories of an Innocent Owner of Mad Cats is simply tales (or tails?) of one man and the cats he has known through his life. And he has some adorable cats!
Please do read: