30 September 2009

We're Really On To Something Here!

Friends, The Interweb Chain Of Happiness! is in full force! I'm getting recommendations from the folks whose blogs have been featured here, and now we're even getting recommendations in the comments!
Lydia, whose photography blog I featured a while back and who is the creator of the term Interweb Chain of Happiness!, has recommended the following blog:
Which is a fabulous blog full of design ideas, product inspiration and, how awesome is this: painting tips! (okay, so it's awesome to me, the home improvement girl).

Also, check out Lydia's other blog, which just happens to have a Your Blog Is Awesome! plug:



  1. Thanks for the shout out! I love what you're doing - spreading the news on fun new blogs!

  2. Interweb Chain of Happiness...a great concept whose time has come. If we all share our positive energy we can make the world a better place!